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Justin Hutslar Promoted to Business Manager

Posted at Thu, Nov 19, 2020 1:45 PM

It’s no secret that we have an all-star team at Eide Chrysler. 

With that often comes the opportunity for growth and development, which means we get to promote people out of their current role and into a brand new one. 

Justin Hutslar is our most recent employee to move on up as he’s recently been promoted to the Eide Chrysler Business Manager position

Congratulations, Justin!

A Family Affair

We frequently say that the Eide team is like a family, but there are several employees at Eide Chrysler who are actually family members. 

That’s exactly how Justin ended up making the move to the auto industry. 

“I was a corrections officer with the North Dakota State Penitentiary for 12 years,” Justin explains. “Then, my brother (Jason Hutslar) and brother-in-law (Jeremy Johnson) asked me to consider working with them at Eide Chrysler. So, I took the leap of faith to sell cars.”

Justin says he remembers being very eager to get to work on his first day on the sales floor in the summer of 2019. 

“I had done training for a couple of weeks and knew some of the guys. I was ready to start helping customers,” he says. “In the first month, I sold 17 vehicles.”

Justin says that from the beginning, his job was to make Bismarck customers happy and provide the perfect Eide experience. It was that eagerness and dedication to our dealership that propelled him into the Business Manager position when the role became available.

From Sales to Management

One leap of faith led to another for Justin.

“Working in finance wasn’t necessarily my goal,” Justin says, “but I wanted to keep moving forward [within this organization].”

Justin says that someday, he wouldn’t mind working on the sales manager side of the dealership, but for now, he’s grateful for the opportunity to grow and develop professionally into Eide Chrysler’s finance team.

“Eide has been a welcoming organization,” Justin says. “From having zero sales experience to taking the Business Manager position in just a year and a half, it’s obvious that they’re willing to help employees grow if you put in the effort. I can personally attest to that.”

While Justin is in a new role and different office space, he says that his favorite part of his job is still the team he gets to work with each day. 

“I’m still helping the same salespeople I worked with before, so we’re still a team,” he says. “I can walk out to the floor and talk to my guys and build relationships with customers.

So what exactly does a Business Manager at North Dakota’s top Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM dealership do all day?

As Business Manager, Justin’s first job is to make sure vehicles are delivered to customers by creating an easy transition from when they first inquire about the car to when they drive it home happy. This largely includes submitting and preparing necessary paperwork so the whole process of purchasing a vehicle from Eide Chrysler is hassle-free. 

“Drive it, love it, sign some paperwork, and get on the road” — that’s the easy experience that Justin says he strives to create for North Dakota drivers.

Advice From the Newest Business Manager

Justin now has several weeks of the Business Manager role under his belt, and he has some advice for North Dakota drivers.

He says that when shopping for a new vehicle, drivers should remember that they’re doing more than just buying a car. Rather, Eide Chrysler is a team of people who are committed to helping customers.

“Call me!” Justin says. “I have past customers who pick up the phone and call me when they have questions or need help. Now, I hand them over to my sales team, but I’m glad they know they can call me even after they’ve purchased from me.”

Now, why wouldn’t you want that kind of customer service from your Bismarck car dealership?

Justin’s Perfect Truck

When he’s not at the dealership, Justin stays busy with his wife and two children (ages nine and six). Much of that quality time is spent camping — thanks to his ability to pull his large camper.

“I just leased a 2020 RAM 2500 quarter-ton gas truck,” Justin says. “My previous truck couldn’t quite pull my large camper, and this fits my needs perfectly.”

If you ask Justin what he loves about his truck, he scrambles to find adequate words.

“Gorgeous. I just love the look of it. The style. The power. The versatility. It rides so nice.”

If you want a ride that makes you feel the way Justin feels about his truck, our sales team can certainly help you find that! Whether you’re looking for a car, truck, or SUV in Bismarck, you can find that plus a team dedicated to helping you for the long haul.

Stop in anytime to take a test drive, and be sure to say hello to our Business Manager Justin while you’re at it!

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