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Wheel Alignment


A wheel alignment is commonly referred to as a tire alignment. During the manufacturing process your wheel angles are optimally aligned. As you drive the natural wear and tear starts to cause your wheels to become misaligned. The goal of a wheel alignment is to optimize your car’s wheel angles. By doing this, your vehicle will drive better and it will also reduce the stress on other vehicle components. These components include your vehicle suspension, tires, and your gas mileage. Our wheel alignment team at Eide Chrysler has the best technology and skills to realign your wheels. By far we have the best wheel alignment services in Bismarck.

Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment in Bismarck:

Your car pulls to the right or left.

  • When you're driving on a straight section of the road and you notice your car pulling to the right or left, this is an indication that you have an alignment problem.

The Steering Wheel is Off Center

  • If your car is parked and the tires are straight, but your steering wheel is off to the right or left, this means your steering wheel is misaligned.

Your Vehicle or Steering Wheel Shakes

  • As you accelerate, your car or steering wheel should not be shaking or vibrating to the point where you feel it in your hands. If you experience this shaking in the steering wheel it could be a number of things, but one of them could be a wheel misalignment.

Quick Tire Wear

  • Tire wear should be spread evenly on the inside and outside. If you notice uneven or quick tire wear on your vehicle the common problem is a wheel misalignment.

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Best Wheel Alignment in Bismarck

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