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Suspension Repair


Your vehicle suspension is responsible for its overall handling and allows for the proper amount of traction while steering. A properly maintained suspension in North Dakota is very important because of the varying road and weather conditions. We have all hit that one bump or pothole while driving, and your car's suspension plays an important role in safety and comfort. The suspension experts at Eide Chrysler can repair and replace your car suspension in Bismarck. We have the best tools and training to diagnose any suspension problems you may have. Inspecting and servicing your car shocks, ball joints and springs can be easily done at Eide Chrysler.

How do I know if my suspension needs to be repaired or replaced? The unpredictable weather and road conditions creates a unique challenge for North Dakota drivers and vehicles. From driving down a gravel road in the summer to plowing through a snowbank during a blizzard, your car, truck or SUV needs to be in top working order to withstand its daily driving challenges.

Here are some things to look and listen for to see if your suspension needs service work:

It's a super bumpy ride.

  • When you're driving on a smooth highway and you feel like you’re hitting every bump on the road. You may also notice the car having a “bounce” to it. A rough ride is a tell tale sign your suspension needs service work. 

Your car feels like it’s sinking.

  • When you apply the brakes abruptly, you notice the front of your car sinking or taking a “nosedive”. This usually means the shocks are worn out. This is also a major safety concern because bad shocks can lead to a reduction in stop time by up to 20 percent. 

The wear on your tires is uneven.

  • If you take the time to look at your tires, you may notice the tread wearing unevenly. Balding spots is another symptom that your car's suspension is failing. Tire tread wear and bald spots indicates the suspension isn’t holding the vehicle evenly, therefore putting uneven amounts of pressure on your tires. 

When you turn your car you feel a pulling or drifting.

  • While navigating a turn you may feel a “pulling” or “drifting” sensation from your car. This means your vehicle’s shocks are no longer keeping the body stable against the centrifugal force of the turn. If this is continuously neglected it could potentially lead to a rollover.  

There’s oil on your shocks.

  • If you look under your car where the shocks or struts are you might see oil or grease. This usually means the shocks or struts are leaking fluid which result in them not working properly.

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