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Eide's Latest Promotions to Justin Hutslar and Kyle Edwards.

Promoting From Within: Building Careers for Our Own

Posted at Mon, Aug 30, 2021 5:20 PM

Here at Eide Chrysler, we believe in supporting our employees any way we can. 

Through our peer learning program, employees get the chance to learn from each other through mentorships and best practices. Access to conferences and certifications allows our team to continue to learn and advance in their field. 

We care about our employees and their growth just as much as we care about giving our customers their best experience  — especially since Eide promotes from within first and foremost. 

Below are two examples of employees working their way up within our team and what have to say about the Eide career path. 

Our Promotion Promise in Action

Justin Hutslar is a man who started as a corrections officer before diving into the auto industry and is now on his third promotion with the Eide team as Service Advisor. 

This new position allows Hutslar to help customers with their vehicle repair issues head-on while getting to spend more time with his family. 

“I took this position to get the chance to see how service really works from the service side and learn a new skill set that will help me in the future with Eide Chrysler,” Hutslar said. “There’s so much to learn here and so many opportunities to grow in the organization. The experience I have gained in my many positions will all help me with my future here.”

Kyle Edwards began as a sales consultant for two years and has moved up to Business Manager. He shares what steps he took to work his way up. 

I spent my time learning all of the processes and how to be successful in giving the best customer experience,” Edwards said. “I took a leadership role on the floor to help other co-workers out and help teach any new vehicles or options being revealed. This way no matter who you talk with on our sales floor you can be confident you have a product specialist.

Edwards went on to say how supported he felt while he continued to learn. 

Eide has a great management staff that provides you with every tool to be a master at your craft. They will push you to strive for your best and the sky is really the limit with the organization. There is non-stop training in all positions as the industries evolve to make sure you are not walking blind.”

Edwards hopes to work his way up to General Manager for the Eide organization so he can be able to better assist the customers and learn more about how to run a business. 

With Eide’s emphasis on education and promoting from within, we certainly see a great path for Edwards. 

Explore More of Eide Employment

With the support and encouragement from all of Eide to continue to grow, your opportunities here are endless. 

Not only do we provide resources and promote from within, we also offer extra employee benefits like health insurance, discounts on our services/purchases, as well as paid vacation time. 

Take a closer look at openings here in Bismarck and learn more about a career with Eide. 

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