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Eide's Delivery Coordinators: Race Hetle, Weston Miller, and Chase Backer

Meet Eide Chrysler’s Delivery Coordinators

Posted at Fri, Apr 30, 2021 1:15 PM

When you buy a vehicle at Eide Chrysler, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. And Eide’s delivery coordinators know all about that.

Delivery coordinators in Bismarck assist in all aspects of the dealership in regards to sales – from assisting the sales team and customers to getting photos of cars and updating pricing on the lot.

“They’re a jack of all trades, that’s for sure,” General Manager Don Pask said. “Their days are full of different duties – taking a customer on a test drive to filling up a vehicle at a gas station to helping customers learn how to use the features and technologies in their new vehicle.”

Finding an Automotive Career in Bismarck

Race Hetle has been a delivery coordinator and sales assistant for about two months after having started in the wash bay. He said the job helps him appreciate how everything works at Eide.

“It’s a stepping stone,” Hetle said. “It really opens up doors to bring you into the sales side and opens up your eyes to all parts of the process and the dealership. You learn a lot.”

Pask knows this firsthand. It’s where he started his career 10 years ago.

It’s a great opportunity for young business professionals to get their foot in the door in this industry without having to be worried about sales quotas and commissions,” Pask said. “They get to learn at their own pace, understand our core values, and see how we take care of our customers.”

Don Pask and Other Eide Team Members in 2015
Don Pask and other Eide team members in 2015

Pask said team members who work as delivery coordinators and sales assistants tend to do well as they move to being full salespeople. Recently, a new member of the sales team, Drelon Parks – who started in the wash bay and was a sales assistant for two years before moving to the sales team – was very successful in his first two months, selling more than 40 cars.

“The only reason why that happened is because he’s been in our system and was able to hit the ground running,” Pask said. “It really sets them up for success.”

Pask’s advice to current delivery coordinators is to keep your ears open and learn.

“You have to be willing to be a sponge and soak it all in,” he said. “Don’t hesitate to help out and do what’s necessary to gain those opportunities to learn.”

Hetle said he likes that he’s in a career in the automotive industry with a clear view of what’s next. 

“I’m getting more comfortable working with customers, and I’m working toward getting to the point where I can sell the cars,” he said. “This position has really shown me that I like this career path.”

Providing Career Opportunities in the Bismarck-Mandan Area

At Eide Chrysler, we believe in hard work, value customer service and seek to provide opportunities for our team. We’re thankful for all members of our team and look forward to seeing them advance and grow in their careers.

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