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Eide Chrysler's New Employee: Whitney Sandberg

Posted at Mon, Oct 1, 2018 2:45 PM

Providing an excellent experience for every customer takes a lot of support behind the scenes here at Eide Chrysler.

Take one of our employees who's stepped into a new role, for example. Her favorite part of the job is helping customers in Bismarck get into cars that they weren't expecting to be able to afford.

Thanks to the exceptional work of people like Whitney, our service and sales teams have what they need to keep you on the road.  

Jesse Peterson, Eide Chrysler's General Manager, said that they're excited to have her on the Chrysler team!

"Whitney is a great addition to Eide Chrysler.  She was a standout employee at Eide Ford in both sales and the finance departments, and we are really excited to have her aboard here. She has a very bright future ahead of her.”

We're honored to have a standout employee like Whitney on our team.


Whitney Sandberg
Finance Manager 

Eide Chrysler's Newest Employee 

Q: How long have you been at the dealership?
Almost two years. I started right before Eide took over the Chrysler store. 
Q: What does a typical workday look like for you?
I help with customers  and help them get the vehicles they want. 
Q: What is your favorite part of your job? 
If you would have asked me three years ago, if I thought I would be working in car sales, I would have said, absolutely not. But here I am. And I love it!
I love helping people get vehicles that they want that they didn’t think they could. I also love the company and the people I work for. 
Q: What do you do in your free time? 
I own several horses (and an Australian Shepherd), so I do a lot with horses and I help out on a ranch.  I also like to spend time on the river kayaking or boating.
I really enjoy spending time with family and friends, BBQ’ing and camping, and when I have time I go back home to Wisconsin. 
Q: Why is Eide Chrysler a great place to do business? 
The people here will go to bat for you, and find what you’re looking for within your budget. We care about people. It's a family-owned organization., and you can feel that working here, and even when you’re a customer we try to make you feel like part of the family. Our team will go above and beyond to help turn a new customer into a lifetime customer. 

Whitney also wanted to point out that, "one of the biggest things about Eide that I really appreciate is that a lot of our employees have served in the military." She extends a special thank-you to Jesse at Eide Chrysler and Lamonte at Eide Ford for taking good care of their employees.
"I love being able to work for a company that values their employees and values veterans."

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