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Eide Chrysler and Eide Ford Employee Night at the Bismarck Larks Game

Posted at Wed, Aug 22, 2018 5:00 PM

What's a North Dakota summer without a good game of baseball?

Employees from both Eide Chrysler and Eide Ford enjoyed an evening of baseball and community on August 12, 2018 when the Bismarck Larks took on the Duluth Huskies. Held on one of the sunniest days of summer, the game offered a relaxing opportunity to connect outside of the workplace.

A Fun Way to Support the Bismarck-Mandan Community

Lamonte Mikesh, General Manager, says that this was the second annual summer picnic for getting the Eide Chrysler and Eide Ford employees together. At the game, the Eide employees enjoyed a tailgating area with food and beverages.

"Last year we just did a picnic in the park and grilled burger and brats, but this year the Larks baseball team said they'd love to host our company picnic," Lamonte says. "The Larks are doing very well in Bismarck and we like to support our community, so we thought it was a great idea."

Bismarck Larks

Enjoying Eide Family time

With the Eide Chrysler store being open nearly two years, Lamonte says it's fun to do these types of things at least annually with the two stores.

"Since people at the two stores are getting emails and phone calls back and forth, this is a good way for them to put faces to the names and meet the whole Eide family," Lamonte says. "They have things in common with each other, and by doing these events, our employees can recognize each other when they're out and about in the community."

Although it was a hot day with a high of 104° F. and the Larks unfortunately fell to the Huskies 11-7, it was still a great opportunity to enjoy the end of summer and spend time with the people we work with each day.

"We are one large family," Lamonte says. "It isn't Chrysler against Ford. It's camaraderie." 


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